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Are Penis Exercises Safe? The Shocking Truth Revealed, You May Be Damaging The Penis Already

Most males are will always be searching for methods to expand their penises. Consequently, probably the most common query they have is: ‘Are penis exercises safe?’

Indeed your penis is an extremely delicate person in a mans anatomy. However, this little member may have a major effect on your existence. Thus it is crucial to determine if penis workouts are safe. In the end, if your man damages his penis then there might be a number of gloomy effects for example insufficient confidence, insufficient self confidence and emotional devastation.

There are many exercises which are targeted at growing the girth and length of your penis. A few of these exercises include:

1) Jelqing

2) Stretching

3) Kegel

4) JAI stretch

Except for the Kegel exercise, all of the above exercises exert some quantity of tension around the penis. For the way the workouts are performed there might be some quantity of concerns. To provide you with a much better understanding, you are able to consider the way your work a muscle during a workout session. Should you workout in a moderate pace then you’re in a ‘safe zone’ and also you wont damage parts of your muscles. If however your exercise routine way too hard by putting an excessive amount of pressure in your muscles you risk damaging them. It’s pretty very similar for penis exercises.

Let us further take a look at each one of the above exercises:

1. Jelging

Jelqing is easily the most popular exercise way of male enhancement which is sometimes known by different names like milking and massaging. The idea behind jelqing is the fact that creating space between your male organ tissues can lead to the development of recent tissues in individuals spaces and these kinds of exercises could be practiced in your own home. Your penis must be heated up using warm wash cloth prior to the jelqing process. Holding your penis tightly using the warm cloth for two to three minutes will satisfy the requirements and also the jelqing exercise could be began once the penis will achieve a semi-erect stage.

Is Jelging Safe – This being active is safe if done at moderation. Which means you shouldn’t practice this do more exercise than twenty minutes each day and you ought to not workout your penis inside a fully erect condition. Failure to do this correctly correctly may lead to soreness towards the penis.

2. Stretching

There’s two kinds of stretching methods available plus they include manual stretching and stretching using weights. Manual stretching is the greatest choice for beginners also it can be defined as a hot up exercise before performing other kinds of exercises. Stretching is about gripping your penis firmly and pulling it within the downward direction and prior to the releasing process, you ought to contain the penis for thirty seconds.

Is Stretching Safe – Again this exercise requires one to be really careful. Just like a rubberband, there is a limit to what lengths your should stretch your penis as well as for how lengthy. Should you stretch your penis inside a certain limit this exercises is going to be safe. However, by trying to stretch your penis too much wishing to obtain faster results you’ll damage the tissues. The concept would be to stop stretching once you feel a small tension.

3. Kegel

The pubococcygeus muscle is going to be strengthened with Kegel exercise and individuals are experiencing better control of erection and ejaculation. This exercise involves the entire process of releasing the pubococcygeus inside a consistent manner. It’s pretty very similar method muscle action as when you’re supporting your urine.

Is Kegel Safe – Of all of the exercises listed, this is actually the safest one. There aren’t tension around the penis nor fiction that will cause any kind of bruise or soreness.

4. JAI stretch

This being active is a small modification from the regular stretches. It takes you to definitely grip your penis and pull outwards having a two second hold then go back to resting position.

May be the JAI stretch Safe – Just like the standard stretch, this exercise could be safe when the penis isn’t extended too much to result in any tension or stress on the tissues.


As with every exercises, penis exercises could be safe when conducted the proper way. Failure to stick to guidelines may lead to damaging tissues or soreness and bruises which may be very painful.

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